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PG Program

There are several benefits to taking a Post-Graduate year, but the common reason is to get a taste of what college is going to be like. A PG year at Grand River Academy is a wonderful opportunity for students to prepare for college in a structured and supportive environment. Our academic program prepares students to succeed in college while helping them apply to and enroll in colleges that might otherwise have felt out of reach. Our athletics program prepares student-athletes to compete at the college level while successfully balancing academics. Our student life program couples independence with mentorship and provides opportunities for outdoor programs, weekend activities, and service to local organizations. 




Why Take a PG Year?

  • Addition time for college planning and preparation - Maybe you are still not sure which college is right for you or you weren’t happy with your acceptances. A popular reason for taking a PG year is to work more closely with college counselors to find and gain acceptance to the right college for you.
  • Pursue your passion - Many students choose to embark on a PG year so they can work on a passion project that may not fit in the regular academic core curriculum.
  • Pursue your sport - One of the most common reasons for taking a PG year is to increase physical training and improve chances of being noticed by top recruiters. Student-athletes can also use the PG year to expand their skills and talents outside of sports, becoming more well-rounded students.
  • Improve your academic performance - Maybe you were not able to take advanced courses because they didn’t fit in your senior curriculum. A PG year is a great opportunity to pursue those advanced classes with more support. It's also a time to improves your grades and GPA before applying to colleges.
  • Prepare for college - Completing a PG year at a boarding school is a great way to prepare for the college experience. PG students gain knowledge in skills like time management, school/life balance, and social skills, which will prepare students for college and life beyond.

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